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Dr. Theresa R. Lua

Board Emeritus 1

Full Bio

Theresa serves as the General Secretary of the Asia Theological Association (ATA). Prior to this role, she served in ATA as Secretary of Accreditation and Educational Development (2013-2016) and Associate Secretary of Accreditation (2007-2013).

For ten years she served as Dean of the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST), a consortium of eight seminaries in the Philippines working together to offer post-graduate programs. Before that she served as academic dean and faculty at the Alliance Graduate School (formerly Alliance Biblical Seminary).

With the blessing of the ATA Board, Theresa has been serving as the Director of the Global Theology Department of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) since 2021.

She has been appointed by the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines as Member of the Technical Committee for Christian Formation (2013-present). This Committee develops policies, standards, and guidelines for Christian Formation programs and evaluates programs applying for government recognition. She is also part of the Global Leadership Team of the Global Associates for Transformational Theological Education (GATE), and a Board Member of Re-Forma.

Theresa has been serving in the ICETE Board since her appointment as ATA General Secretary in 2016. She served in the ICETE Doctoral Initiative Steering Committee (DISC) from 2010-2015.