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Member Association Review

ICETE Member Associations play a fundamental role in the identity and governance of the ICETE. ICETE currently counts 7 member associations that operate in accreditation of theological education in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America and the Caribbean.  In recognition of ever changing dynamics in global theological education, the ICETE has established criteria and processes to review new accrediting agencies that seek ICETE Member Association.

In June 2023, the ICETE Board established the Member Association Review Committee (MARC) to develop and oversee criteria and procedures relative to new ICETE member associations.  Current members of the MARC are:

  • Marvin Oxenham (Chair)
  • Graham Aylett
  • Steve Hardy
  • Jessy Jaison
  • Kevin Lawson
  • Anthony Oliver
  • Michael Ortiz

The ICETE Member Association Review – Criteria and Procedures is the core document that outlines the criteria and procedures for the inclusion, cyclical review and withdrawal of ICETE Member Associations. 

In the first part of the document, the review criteria for ICETE member associations are laid out. These are to be read in conjunction with ICETE Constitution Article V and ICETE Bylaws, Article 1.1.

In the second part of the document, the review procedures are outlined for new members applying to become an ICETE Member Association.   Review procedures are also outlined for the cyclical review and the withdrawal of Member Associations.