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Quality Assurance

One of the two foci in the mission of the ICETE is to advance quality in global theological education.  This is done mainly through services and resources that are offered to ICETE’s regional quality assurance/accreditation associations (see Member Associations).

ICETE’s quality assurance services broadly fall into four categories, which are featured in the relative sub-sections.

1. ICETE Alignment.  This is a process to transparently validate the quality of the standards and processes of ICETE member agencies through an external quality assurance (EQA) review (see more).

2. QA standards and policies. ICETE is involved in producing reference and enhancement documents and policies that can help accreditation agencies in their work, that respond to education change and trends and that enhance global recognisability and harmonisation of higher education in the field of theology (see more).

3. QA consultations.  ICETE regularly convenes global consultations to define and advance areas of quality in theological education.  These consultations often lead to the production of the standards and policies documents listed above (see more).

4.  Member Association Review. ICETE currently counts 7 member associations that operate in accreditation of theological education in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America and the Caribbean.  In recognition of ever changing dynamics in global theological education, the ICETE offers an application process to welcome new accrediting agencies into its membership (see more).

These services are managed by Dr Marvin Oxenham as ICETE’s Director of Quality Assurance.