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ICETE Partner United World Mission is now Mesa Global

Mesa is the simple Spanish word for table. Consider everything that happens around the table. It is the place where families come together for sharing life and laughter, as well as hard times and tears. The table is also a place for mentoring and studying, planning and prayer. Mesa is a symbol of how important relationships are in our ministry.

The name Mesa Global also reminds us of our place around the table of the global church – where every member of the body of Christ is welcomed and every voice is heard. As equippers, we are servants at that table, forming and uplifting leaders as we humbly offer our gifts alongside those of others. In everything we do, this posture of servanthood, and this eagerness to learn from and support our global partners is central to our work.

The story of Mesa Global is rooted in Jesus’ way of table fellowship. At the table Jesus welcomed sinners, washed feet, and formed disciples. At the table he broke bread, opened the Scriptures, and revealed himself to those who walked with him along the Emmaus Road. Mesa Global also points forward to the end of history when Jesus promised a great banquet for all nations. That will be a truly global table! A Mesa Global.

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