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New ICETE Courses now available: Distance Learning and Consulting

The ICETE Academy  includes more than 100 courses on topics to help you grow as educators and administrators. A new set of courses focused on distance learning and one nanocourse about consulting just launched this month.

Distance Learning and Online Theological Education Competence (D/OTEC)

In partnership with Local Leaders International, IA has launched a set of seven courses to build your skills for online and distance teaching. These courses are based on the D/OTEC framework developed in 2021 by a group of global experts in distance and online theological education. This framework identifies 7 key categories, 21 competences, and more than 60 measurable outcomes for online teaching. The first set of foundational D/OTEC courses has been successfully employed over the last 18-months by theological educators across the globe. This new set of advanced courses each build on one area of competency for distance and online teaching. You can enroll as an individual, or gather your faculty team to work through the courses as a group. Courses include:

  • Pedagogy – Authentic Assessment in D/OTE
  • Technology – Making the Most of Online Platforms and Tools
  • Community – Strategies for Formation in D/OTE
  • Learning Design – Developing Media and Online Resources
  • Professionality – Leading & Implementing Online Programs
  • Context – Situated Learning in D/OTE
  • Communication – Quality Communication & Engagement in D/OTE
ICETE Consulting

You may have heard of the initiative ICETE Consulting but you are not sure how you or your institution might benefit from the services they offer.  This new, 2-hour, ICETE Academy nanocourse, developed by Dr Perry Shaw, Introducing ICETE Consulting will help you

  • understand ICETE Consulting and what they have to offer, including the relationship between ICETE Consulting and the regional ICETE member agencies;
  • grow in your understanding of how consultancy works on the path to clarifying what kind of consultant might best serve your current needs;
  • grow in your understanding of what you can and cannot expect from consultancy support, and what the consultancy process entails.

You can find these courses, and browse other available options, here. All courses are included with your ICETE Academy membership.