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Quality assuring competency-based theological education (CBTE) and micro-credentials (MC)

In response to a request emerging from C-22,  a group of 24 experts, practitioners and ICETE accreditation agencies from around the world met to Rome to engage with new developments in competency-based  education and micro-credentials and envision how they can relate to theological education.  During the consultation, the focus was on developing quality assurance guidelines  to encourage the global community to engage in developing and launching new CBTE and MC programmes (these guidelines will be published on the ICETE website by the end of 2023).   Participants came away with a high sense of expectation of what is to come and with an awareness of being in a place of transformation and leading in change.

A second consultation will be held in February 2024 to broaden awareness in stakeholders and discuss the bridging potential of CBTE and MC between formal and non formal theological education.