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Micro-credential Provider launch workshop

ECTE hosted a Micro-credential Provider (MCP) launch workshop, held in the beautiful coastal city of Durres, Albania from March 8-10. Here is a recap of the highlights and insights.

The launch workshop

The gathering brought together 35 professionals representing 23 different schools, primarily from Europe, along with a few participants from the Middle East. Their shared mission? To explore the path toward becoming MCPs.

The highlights included:

  1. Informative Presentations: Participants engaged in sessions that shed light on the core document: MCP Standards and Guidelines.
  2. Workshops and Dialogue: The three-day program featured hands-on workshops where attendees designed a micro-credential. The discussions were enlightening and thought-provoking.
  3. Space for reflection: Adjustments were made to the schedule to allow the opportunity to contemplate, engage in discussion and process the information presented.

The launch event followed the outline of the Micro-credential Provider Orientation nanocourse from the ICETE Academy. This course remains accessible for launch participants as a reference. Additionally, anyone interested in MCP accreditation can enrol in this course to explore this exciting educational frontier.

Participant Perspectives:

We received a lot of positive feedback of the launch and MC’s in general. Here are some notable quotes:

  • “The camaraderie and cooperative spirit was great.  Also wonderful to get to know so many colleagues from different places.”
  •  ”…it (has) enlarged my understanding about MC. MC are not simply “short courses” but ” short qualifications.”

With any new initiative, there are still questions and challenges that need to be addressed.

  • “MCP as simple as it looks, it is actually complicated to put in practice. No major questions but there is a lot to consider before launching it at our school.”
  • “We have to look at the financial model and assess viability. Also staff to develop and manage MCs. We have some options of what sort of MCs to begin with and would also have to think through what partnerships in developing MCs.”
  • “If we take the step of becoming an accredited MC provider, what other MCs could we add to our offerings, without spreading ourselves to thin?”


  • There is a lot of excitement about the possibilities of MCs.
  • Despite the excitement and even necessity of MC for the future, implementation concerns of finances, capacity and communicating what MCs are and why they are important are at the forefront of the participants minds.

ECTE is there to help support and encourage each institution along the journey to becoming a MCP. Interested in becoming a MCP? Visit the Micro-credential Provider Accreditation page and consider filling  out the Eligibility check form to start the process. We would love to hear what you are thinking.

Micro-credentials are concise qualifications that validate specific learning achievements from short courses and training programs. A Micro-credential Provider (MCP) is authorized to design, deliver, and assess these short courses. Currently, ECTE is one of the few European accrediting agencies offering specific quality assurance of micro-credentials.