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ICETE C-25 Tirana

ICETE C-25 - Welcome to Tirana

C-25 invites you to a pivotal theological education journey to strengthen Christ’s Church in its mission. As we consider and respond to current realities and anticipated challenges faced by churches, you will form and activate ICETE Impact Teams: communities of practice across all equipping sectors. Join hundreds from all regions of the world in a ground-up approach to identify and engage practically with issues essential to equipping God’s people for greater long-term impact through churches everywhere. C-25 provides the venue to shape what’s “Next for Theological Education.” C-25 includes four interactive virtual events and online discussion forums leading to the in-person event. 

In Tirana, dialogue comes to life as Impact Teams elevate relevant voices and issues, such as

  • next-generation leadership,
  • indigenous curriculum design, 
  • women in the academy, 
  • AI and technology,
  • micro-credentials,
  • training in conflicted contexts,
  • theological education for church movements,
  • and others that arise during the online sessions. 

Amid active participation, practical problem-solving, and collaboration, C-25 includes intentional, unstructured times for community engagement. C-25 will culminate in commissioning the Impact Teams to continue their work. Come join this unique gathering and share insights, forge lasting connections, and inspire one another to guide what’s NEXT for theological education. 

18:00 Monday 3 March 2025
13:00 Friday 7 March 2025

Hotel Grand Blue Fafa

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration is now open!

  • Registration fee includes 4 nights lodging (M-Th), all meals (Monday dinner through Friday lunch), and all conference expenses
  • Reduced rates for Majority World participants
  • Early-bird pricing until 1 October 2024
  • ICETE Partners, Members and Associates & Affiliates receive a discount. Please contact your member organization for the discount code. 

C-25 will take place at the Hotel Grand Blue Fafa. You can visit their website. Please do not book directly with the hotel. Your room will be booked in the ICETE room block as part of your registration and the cost is included in your registration fee. If you book with the hotel directly, you will still be responsible for the full registration fee. 

We will host four online sessions leading up to the event in March:

Registration for these online events will be available soon.

ICETE has set up an online forum to encourage discussion about C-25 and other topics. You can access the forum here. You must register with a valid email address to view and participate in the forum.