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C22 - Turkey

Welcome to C22 – Turkey. Join us for ICETE’s 18th Global Consultation as we build community and strategic collaboration for the sake of the church in its mission.

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C-22 Shapes Next Steps in Theological Education

The 18th global consultation C-22 of the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE) concluded in Izmir, Turkey after a week-long program focused on exploring practical next steps to collaborate among all forms of theological education worldwide for the sake of the Church, particularly in the area of pastoral training and leadership development. The record-setting event brought together some 500 participants from more than 80 countries representing 286 theological programs and resource providers from November 14 to 18, with the theme “formal and non-formal theological education: beyond dialogue.”

Event Information

Session Information

  • Relevant Quality Assurance by and for Nonformal TE Programs
  • Bridging Gaps in TE through Technology: Realizing the Promise in Networked Spaces
  • Online and Distance Competencies: Sharing Common Ground Among the Sectors
  • Training for Pastoral Leaders: Collaboration between Formal and Nonformal
  • Assessing and supporting Spiritual Formation across formal and non-formal TE
  • Next Generation: Designing Together for Future Students
  • Future Missionary Training Part One – Craig Ott
  • Future Missionary Training Part Two – Craig Ott
  • Competency-Based Theological Education: Lessening the FTE and NFTE Gap – Larry Caldwell
  • I Wasn’t Trained for This: From Theologian to Executive Leader. ScholarLeaders
  • Educating Virtue: A Practical Tool for all Contexts – Marvin Oxenham
  • Current Realities of TE in the North American Context – ATS with Frank Yamada & Lester Ruiz
  • Re-Forma’s Expanding Work to Validate Non-Formal Programs – Manfred Kohl & Reuben van Rensburg
  • Ethnodoxology’s Role in Theological Education Today – Elsen Portugal
  • Regional Training Hubs: A Collaborative Initiative for Ministry Formation – UWM OC with Ernest Clark
  • Disciple Making through All Forms of TE – IEA with Billie Hanks

We will spend our evenings together confessing where theological education has failed, celebrating where it has served the church well, and worshiping together.

  • Monday – Michael A. Ortiz, International Director ICETE
  • Tuesday – Josue Fernandez, Overseas Council
  • Wednesday – Grace Al-Zoughbi, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Thursday – Kevin Smith, South Africa
Event Information

Frequently Asked Questions

We will begin with dinner on Monday evening and conclude with lunch on Friday. You will want to land in Izmir by about 17:00 on Monday and depart no earlier than 14:00 on Friday. If you are flying through IST, it would be best to fly out of IST after 17:00 on Friday.

You may find it most cost effective to book a round trip ticket to Istanbul (IST)Turkish Air then offers multiple flights a day between IST and Izmir (ADB) for less than $100. Another option is to fly through Europe and book an inexpensive ticket to Izmir on Pegasus Airlines. Please be sure to check any transit visa requirements when flying through Europe.

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Yes! We are offering 2 tour options on Saturday 19 November and Sunday 20 November. You will only have time for one tour each day, so if you want to do both tours, you’ll need to stay both Saturday and Sunday.

  • Ephesus, St. John Basilica and Ephesus Museum: $50 per person 
  • Laodicea and Hierapolis in Pamukkale: $80 per person

Both tours include transportation, guide, and all entrance fees. You will sign up and pay for tours on site during the week, but you will need to book accommodation for Friday and possibly Saturday night. Please book your extra nights and submit your travel details here. Tours will return to the hotel late afternoon, so please do not book flights out of ADB any earlier than 21:00. Both Turkish and Pegasus offer late night flights to IST.

If ICETE leadership cancels the consultation, we will refund the full cost of your registration, minus the 7% processing fee ICETE will incur to return funds. 

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