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ICETE C-18 Panama

Welcome to C18 - Panama

Theme: The Sacred/Secular Divide and Theological Education
Purpose: International Consultation for Theological Educators
Dates: 29 October – 2 November 2018
Location: Panama City, Panama

The 2012 ICETE Global Triennial Consultation in Nairobi considered the theme Rooted in the Word, Engaged in the World. Three years later in Turkey, this Consultation responded critically to two fundamental questions: even if we are rooted and engaged, how do we know that we are effective in accomplishing our mission? How might we measure the impact of theological education on both Church and Society?

The ICETE Manifesto on the Renewal of Evangelical Theological Education affirms “Our theological programmes must become manifestly of the church, through the church and for the church.” However, in many cases theological education empowers only an elite, and not all the people of God.

In reality, there remains a divide between those who serve in full-time or formal ministry, and those who seek to serve faithfully in “secular” positions. How should theological educators address this Sacred-Secular Divide? Are we equipping our students with the right worldview and tools in order for them to truly equip their church members for an effective service in all areas of life)? What can we learn from one another as we share our global collective wisdom on bridging the Sacred-Secular Divide?


  • Mark Greene and Ian Shaw, Overcoming the Sacred-Secular Divide Through Theological Education
  • Gordon Smith, For Such a Time as This: Theological Education for a Secular Age
  • Dave Bookless, From Origins to Purpose: Bridging the sacred-secular divide through the theology and practice of Creation Care
  • Oladotun Reju and Fletcher Tink, Theology of Work
  • Terence Halliday, Where are the Theologians? A Call from across the Scholarly Divide
  • Ruth Padilla De Borst, Living Vocation: Theological Formation from Life and for Life
  • Davie Baer, What Have We Heard?
  • Stephen L. Woodworth, Corporation, Classroom, or Congregation: The Role of Metaphor in Theological Education
  • Corneliu Constantineanu, Public Theology
  • Perry Shaw, Daylanis Figueroa and Mehrdad Fatehi, Creative Curricula for Complex Contexts
  • Marilyn Naidoo, Vocation, pastoral identity and authentic leadership formation
  • Greg Forster, Donald Guthrie and Suzanne Sang, Connecting the Content of Theological Coursework to People’s Lives
  • Joshua Iyadurai, Theology and Social Sciences: Partners in Transforming the World
  • Lindsay Wilson, Teaching Christian Ethics (without the Western trappings) in the Majority World
  • Shirley S. Ho and Lily K. Chua, Insights from Proverbs on Sacred/Secular Divide in Theological Education
  • James R. Hart, Re-enchanting the Gospel: the Role of Objective Beauty in Worship
  • Mark Greene and Ian Shaw, How can i change in my seminary? | How can I change my teaching?
  • Marvin Oxenham, Bridging the Divide through Character and Virtue Education
  • Paul T. Penley and Luke Lewis, Global Theological Education Book Database: BETA Version
  • Bernhanu Wolde and Tim Jacobson, Learning to Lead Like Jesus in Ethiopia
  • Joanna Feliciano-Soberano, John Jusu and Gary Griffith, Education for Ministry Can Be Transformational!
  • Qaiser Julius, Anneta Vysotskaya, Jiries Habash and Tim Green, Equipping all believers to overcome the sacred-secular divide
  • Kevin E. Lawson and Theresa Lua, Assessing Doctoral Level Programs: Recommended Guidelines and Procedures
  • Bernhard Ott, Ian J. Shaw and Cephas Tushima, Investing in Faculty Development for Supervising Doctoral Student Research
  • Evan Hunter, Havilah Dharamraj, John Jusu and Steve Chang, Counting the Cost: Preparing Well to Launch and Sustain a New Doctoral Program
  • Jeff Greenman and Rebecca Pousette, ReFraming Life: One Graduate School’s Experiment at Bridging the Sacred-Secular Divide
  • Cesar Morales, Connecting your audience through preaching
  • Walker Tzeng, Andrew Sears, Disruptive Innovation in Christian Higher Education for the Majority World
  • Pr Wellington, How to strengthen the relationship between the local church and the theological institution
  • Jan Dormer, Possibilities in Using the Teaching of English in Seminaries
  • Mary Kleine Yehling and Bob Priest, Africa Leadership Study – what it is and how it can help in theological education worldwide