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ICETE C-09 Sopron

Welcome to C09 - Sopron

Theme: Energising Community: Theological Education’s Relational Mandate
Purpose: International Consultation for Theological Educators
Dates: 5-9 October  2009
Location: Sopron, Hungary

Each presentation is listed as a separate article. The article itself only includes a brief description of who presented the session and when. The actual presentation materials are included as links at the bottom of the article. This is also where videos will be posted as they are available. Please note that all ICETE materials are provided for your personal use. Please do not copy or distribute without permission from the original presenter. Contact information is included in each article.


  • Hwa Yung, Energising Community: Theological Education’s Relational Mandate
  • Henri Blocher, Theological Education’s Relational Mandate: Warrants, Risks and Limitations
  • Rob Brynjolfson (WEA), Theological Education and the Global Evangelical Community
  • Doug Birdsall (Lausanne), Theological Education and the Global Evangelical Community
  • Joseph Shao, Enacting Community in our Theological Schools
  • Oscar Campos, Equipping Emerging Leaders for Community
  • David Baer, Making Community Together: Theological Schools in Concert
  • Daniel Bourdanné, Supporting God’s Communities: The Role of Theological Education
  • Natee Tanchanpongs, One Body Many Parts: A Biblical Theological Examination, and A Redemptive Historical Outlook
  • Riad Kassis, Serving Contextual Communities: The Bond Model (supporting slides)
  • Chris Wright, Wrapping Up and Moving Forward

Audio Files

Materials from the C-09 session are also available on the TheologicalEducation.net website. You will find the presentations under the ICETE / 2009 Sopron, Hungary link.