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ACTEA Africa General Assembly

ACTEA (the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa) is launching into a new era of theological education in Africa. We have just restructured our ACTEA’s organization in order to better serve the ACTEA family of schools. This reorganization includes establishing an annual General Assembly for ACTEA. This is not merely an AGM business meeting but a consultation to further the goals ACTEA institutions within the Kingdom of God. Collaboration is the future of theological education in Africa. Networking, mutual exchange, and pooling of resources help institutions to surmount the challenges they experience and to foster quality. ACTEA’s annual General Assemblies will be a premier opportunity for faculty and administrators of ACTEA institutions to collaborate together, iron sharpening iron.

Our inaugural General Assembly will be held in Nairobi, Kenya from 25–29 September 2023. Its theme will be “African Theological Education: Retrospect and Prospect.” It is appropriate at this juncture to both take a look back to see where we’ve come from and to look forward in hope to where we plan to go. We will celebrate past and current successes, learn from past failures, and plot the way forward as we face current and future challenges. We will be discussing the intersection between formal and informal theological formation, the role of the internet and digital resources in theological pedagogy, institutional leadership and sustainability, and the crucial importance of contextualized curricula. Let us work together to provide the African Church with the leaders needed for us to become the African Church that God wants.