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Where are the Theologians? A Call from across the Scholarly Divide

Prof. Terence Halliday is professor at the American Bar Foundation, an institute of advanced studies for interdisciplinary studies of law and legal institutions. He is Honorary Professor, Australian National University, and Adjunct Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University.

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Plenary title: ‘Where are the Theologians? A Call from across the Scholarly Divide”
Christian students and scholars across the academic disciplines increasingly feel called to develop a Christian mind, or think Christianly, about their scholarship. Whether it is their learning or teaching or choice of research topics or practice of scholarship or application of scholarship to wider audiences, this longing to integrate faith and learning often is frustrated. For the most part a significant asymmetry exists between the field of expertise in which a scholar specializes and their theological literacy.
This session seeks to explore ways and consider initiatives that encourage theologians and theological schools to work cooperatively and constructively with their counterparts in other disciplines. The session will also imagine ways that wider and deeper conversations with other academic disciplines may enrich theological education and theology itself.