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The Secular/Sacred Divide and Theological Education: The West

W. Jay Moon
Professor of Evangelism and Church Planting, Asbury Theological Seminary
Title: The Secular/Sacred Divide and Theological Education: The West

An African proverb states, “Suom dan lang chala, fi lang yuka” – if a rabbit changes the direction he runs, you must change the direction you shoot. It is easy to make changes when hunting rabbits, but it is not so easy to change the directions of institutions.

Theological institutions in the western world are facing rapid cultural and economic pressures. Many are reluctant to change, even though the success of the “hunt” depends on change. While topics like work, business, economics and entrepreneurship have not been part of theological training in the past, the new environment that western schools find themselves in has created a demand to introduce these topics – even though the response has been slow.

Curricular Focus Areas
Four curricular areas where theological schools have made the most progress bridging the secular-sacred divide include:

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