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The Secular/Sacred Divide and Theological Education: Latin America

C. Rosalee Velloso Ewell
Principal, Redcliffe College
Title: The Secular/Sacred Divide and Theological Education: Latin America

In Latin America, everything is sacred. Christian or not, most people are happy to see all spheres of life as somehow divine or at least inspired by some other force. However, what that looks like in practice is another matter. How theological education can be more holistic in its shaping of Christian leaders is a fundamental task and challenge of schools across the region.

Despite the growing relativism and materialism in Latin America, the secular/sacred divide is much more of a North American or European concern. Yet in a globalized world, the interconnections and relationships from one continent to another shape and challenge the way we think about theological education and the formation of leaders.

Evangelical Growth and Political Change

Two key factors have contributed to increased interest and focus within theological education to train and form Christians to live out their discipleship in all spheres of life and in all areas of society. One factor is the rapid numerical growth of evangelicals within the region. The other is the multiple changes in the political and economic situation of Latin America in the late 20th century.

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