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The Secular/Sacred Divide and Theological Education: Africa

Femi B. Adeleye, PhD.
Associate Director, Langham Preaching (Langham Partnership)
Title: The Secular/Sacred Divide and Theological Education: Africa

One task of Christian scholars in the academic arena, whether in a Christian university or a public institution, is to consider how to “bring every thought captive to Jesus Christ” (see 2 Cor 10: 4-5). This is not simply a personal or private matter but is a consequence of our participation in a shared universe that needs to be brought under Christ and in conformity to him.

Andrew F. Walls, “Scholarship Under the Cross: Thinking Greek and Thinking Christian”

Abraham Akong argues that “the goal of theological education in Africa must be to prepare the church as an agent of change that brings possibilities of hope and new life in the midst of the distortions of life, destruction, and death.”2 The rapid expansion of Christianity in various parts of the non-western world, particularly in Africa, emphasizes the significance of this. Yet it has become too clear that rapid growth alone is not sufficient for significant witness or impact within culture and society.

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