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Left-Handed Warriors

Dr. Fletcher L Tink
Director of PhD Program in Transformational Development, Asia Graduate School of Theology and Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, Manila, Philippines

Dr. Oladotun Reju
Founder and Chief Resource Person for The Center For Transformational Leadership, Senior Pastor of The Kingdom Citizens Pavilion Jos Nigeria Director, Global Partnership (Africa Region), Bakke Graduate University, Jos City, Nigeria
Title: Left-Handed Warriors

Judges 20:16 describes 700 left-handed Gibeonites, choice men, who could sling a stone with such accuracy that they could hit a hair.

Despite our theological affirmation of the “priesthood of all believers”, we have resorted too often to relying on “right-handed” soldiers, professional Christians, to engage the world with the Gospel. Engagement is not just verbal proclamation of the Gospel but includes seeding the very structures of society with a Kingdom mindset.

Some speculate that there were this many left-handed men because they had been war prisoners earlier and had their arms cut off. They adjusted, reskilled themselves, and became front-line heroes.

The Mustard Seed Foundation, for eleven years, has been presenting seminars around the world to again focus the Church on the importance of training so-called “lay people” to see themselves at the forefront of the mission, and doing so with a deeper understanding of the Biblical commission that engages them.

The presentation reviews some theological premises, discusses the reach and range of Mustard Seed Foundation’s initiatives worldwide, acknowledges other similar initiatives, and offers case studies of how churches, institutions, businesses, and communities are transformed by “left-handed warriors.”

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