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How can I change in my seminary and teaching?

Dr. Mark Greene:
London Institute for Contemporary Christianity
Dr. Ian Shaw
Union School of Theology and Langham Partnership
With contributions from Dr. Antonio Barro (Brazil); Dr. Bernard Boyo (Kenya); Dr. Ivor Poobalan (Sri Lanka)

  • Seminar 1: How can I change in my seminary?
    What would a whole-life missionary seminary look like? What difference would it make from board to seminary leadership, faculty, and students? What would the graduates of such a seminary look like? This workshop explores how institutions can be changed so that they no longer replicate the Sacred-Secular Divide but are instead set up to address it. What are the significant blockages to change – perhaps historical attitudes and patterns need to be addressed. Examples of institutional change from the Majority World will be presented, showing how Whole-Life Missionary Discipleship has been established as an institutional goal. Transformation of seminaries involves curriculum development and change. This seminar considers how those processes impact Overcoming the Sacred Secular Divide.
  • Seminar 2: How can I change my teaching?
    Contributions from the Majority of World leaders, including Dr. Milton Acosta (Colombia) and Dr. Havilah Dharamraj (India)
    In this workshop, contributors show how the Sacred-Secular Divide can be addressed at the level of individual modules and individual lectures. The process of module and lecture design is explored, identifying ways by which the aim of creating Whole-Life Missionary Disciples can be integrated into learning outcomes and assessments. Why not bring your own lecture or module outline, and leaders from different subject areas can help discuss, shape, and refine it with you?