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Global Theological Education Book Database: BETA Version

Dr. Paul T. Penley
Chief Research Officer at Excellence in Giving
Dr. Luke Lewis
Supply Chain and Operations Manager at Langham Partnership

Seminar title: Global Theological Education Book Database: BETA Version
Langham Literature is creating a database of indigenous books for global theological education. The books are being placed in 1 of 8 categories: Bible commentaries, Biblical studies, Theology, Biblical Preaching, Church History, Mission, Education, and Ethics. Once completed, any individual or institution will be able to search the database for books in each category written by authors considered indigenous in a particular country or region of the world. Results will be sorted by publication date (to highlight contemporary books), by the complexity of content (general audience, textbook, or research material), by the quality of the book (as rated by theological educators), and by language. The goal is both (1) to show which gaps writers and publishers can fill with new resources and (2) to help educators select top-quality indigenous textbooks and research materials for their students to use. A working concept has been built with over 1,000 books logged, but Langham Literature needs more theological educators to review books in the database and recommend better indigenous resources. Please join us to learn how to access the database and contribute to it so that global theological educators can use and produce the most relevant and recent books for effective theological education in every nation of the world.