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Equipping All Believers to Overcome the Sacred-Secular Divide

Rev. Dr. Qaiser Julius
Director of the Open Theological Seminary (OTS), Pakistan
Ms. Anneta Vysotskaya (hon DD)
General Director of the Open Russian Theological Academy (ORTA)
Mr. Jiries Habash
Executive Director of the Program for Theological Education by Extension (PTEE)
Rev. Dr. Tim Green
General Secretary, the Increase Association
Seminar title: Equipping all believers to overcome the sacred-secular divide
This workshop will give examples, testimonies and case studies of believers being equipped directly through church-based training programmes; introduce relevant tools for seminaries to equip their students to empower their church members to live and work as salt and light; explore the mutual benefits of partnership between seminary and church-based training to equip the whole people of God.
This workshop will be run by four committee members of Increase (www.increaseassociation.org).
The Increase Association comprises indigenous training movements which help local churches all across Asia, and among Asians in diaspora, to equip around 100,000 believers a year through regular learning groups in the context of their daily lives.