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Energising Community: Theological Education’s Relational Mandate

Theme: Energising Community: Theological Education’s Relational Mandate
Purpose: International Consultation for Theological Educators
Dates: 5-9 October  2009
Location: Sopron, Hungary
Full Program: C-09 Programme Booklet

Hwa Yung
Bishop of the Methodist Church of Malaysia
Board Chair, Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS), Oxford UK

Title: Energising Community: Theological Education’s Relational Mandate

In his delightful and deceptively simple book, Christianity Rediscovered,1 Vincent Donovan told of his work among the Masai people of East Africa, who appeared to have no interest at all in Christianity despite the best effort of the church through education and medical outreach. So he told his bishop that he would dissociate himself from these and would ‘just go and talk to them about God and the Christian message.’2 For one whole year, once a week, he spent an hour in the early morning talking to all the members of one particular tribe. At the end of the year, he asked them whether they would decide for Christ, and if so, baptism would follow.

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