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Education for Ministry Can Be Transformational!

GATE (Global Associates for Transformational Education)
Dr. Joanna Feliciano-Soberano
Academic Dean, Asia Theological Seminary
Dr. John Jusu
Regional Director for Africa, Overseas Council

Dr. Gary Griffith
International Coordinator: Global Associates for Transformational Education
Seminar title: Education for Ministry Can Be Transformational!
Learn how the training offered by Global Associates for Transformational Education (GATE) is impacting ministry education offered in seminaries and Bible schools around the globe. As a result of GATE’s workshops, theological educators are adopting teaching methodologies that enable the classroom experience to be transformational, exciting and motivating learners to put what they learn into practice where they serve. Traditional approaches to theological education often place emphasis on students’ acquisition of knowledge. The result can easily produce graduates who have acquired theological knowledge and have a theoretical understanding of ministry but have not been personally impacted by the teaching they received. Find out how a simple shift in educators’ thinking can lead to experiences of transformational learning that will significantly impact learners and, in turn, those to whom they minister.