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Dancing for God: Evangelical Theological Education in Global Context

Theme: Theological Education and Global Christianity: Dancing for God: Evangelical Theological Education in Global Context
Purpose: International Consultation for Theological Educators
Dates: August 18, 2003
Location: High Wycombe, UK

Miroslav Volf
Henry B. Wright Professor of Systematic Theology Yale University Divinity School

My topic this evening is “Challenges facing theological education today.” There are many such challenges, some of which are unique to theological education and some of which are common with other educational efforts. Because of constraints on our time tonight and because of the kinds of expertise I bring to this task, I will limit myself to just one type of challenge. I will speak to you about theological challenges facing theological education today. In terms of the program conceptualization for this conference, I will undertake primarily to “reground theological education in our shared biblical and theological commitments.”

Because I will concentrate on theological challenges I will say very little about some things that many of you are deeply concerned about. To start with the mundane, I will say nothing, for instance, about financial challenges, which I know must weigh heavily on your shoulders. How to put food on students’ tables and pay electricity bills? Where will the money come from for faculty salaries, library books, computers, building maintenance, not to speak of new programs and new facilities? How to survive financially in economically depressed times when the pressures of globalization are widening the gap between the rich and the poor—not just between nations, but also within them.

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