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Creative Curricula for Complex Contexts

Dr Perry Shaw, Professor of Education, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary
Dr Daylanis Figueroa, Profesora Titular, Decana de Overseas Council en Cuba
Rev. Dr. Mehrdad Fatehi, President and Executive Director, Pars Theological Centre
There is a fourth presenter from a large closed Asian country who has requested that his details and photograph not be published.
Title: Creative Curricula for Complex Contexts
God often works most powerfully in the most complex of situations, and certainly, the twenty-first century is witnessing large numbers of people coming to Christ in contexts that face enormous opposition and difficulties. The training of leadership in these contexts requires creativity and innovation, and this workshop will look at some examples of this sort of creativity. We will have a forum of educators involved in training leaders in Cuba, the Persian-speaking world, and a large and strategic closed Asian nation, as well as an online program reaching into closed regions of the Arabic-speaking world. Due to the security sensitivities of this forum/workshop, participation is by application to the coordinator (Perry Shaw: pshaw@abtslebanon.org).