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Biblical Training for Ministry

Dr. Manfred W. Kohl
Advisor to the Secretary General/President of the World Evangelical Alliance.
Seminar topic: Biblical Training for Ministry
Research statistics tell us that today we have approximately 2.5 million Evangelical pastors serving the global church. Only 5% have a formal theological training from an ICETE accredited theological institution. Over 90% are trained in various unaccredited training programs for ministry. In 2017 a group of scholars met in Halifax, Canada, to establish “Re-Forma”, a program that will help the numerous training programs for ministry (estimated at 40,000) to establish adequate standards. The workshop/seminar will deal with establishing a simple, biblical training program that would be accepted by WEA as the basis for a certificate that would be issued by them. We will address:

The various training programs presently operating outside ICETE accredited institutions
The establishment of a network of regional trainers
Development of a basic curriculum that includes what has already been established
The establishing of guidelines for a WEA certificate
The necessary national and cultural adaptations
The use of “biblical training for ministry” rather than terms like “informal” or “non-formal”
Development of Action Plans and timelines for “Re-Forma”