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Africa Leadership Study – What it is and How it can Help in Theological Education Worldwide

Mrs. Mary Kleine Yehling
Vice-President, Executive Director: Tyndale House Foundation
Dr. Bob Priest
Professor of Anthropology: Taylor University

Seminar title: Africa Leadership Study – what it is and how it can help in theological education worldwide

Mary and Bob will be working together to present the ALS material. Bob had oversight of the research aspects, and Mary had oversight of support and administration of all other aspects.
Bob will focus his remarks on the implications of the findings and the various ways they can be used in an educational context to inform the content and provide those learning research methods with a protocol and additional aspects to be researched.
Mary will focus on the overall process, including the networking and collaborative aspects and benefits of this type of project.
Both will highlight aspects of using the data gathered and plans for building on it…..