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Open Access Digital Theological Library and Global Digital Theological Library

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            Are you aware of a school in a developing nation which struggles to provide its students with access to contemporary scholarship?
             If so, we offer two libraries to serve such people: The Open Access DTL is free for everyone, and charges no fees ever ( ). If you need even more content, including more contemporary academic books, consider subscribing to the Global DTL.
             The managers of the Global Digital Theological Library (Global DTL) recently formed an even larger library which contains both Open Access and proprietary digital content. Our not-for-profit corporation is seeking to provide a comprehensive digital library for seminaries in developing nations at prices that such institutions can easily afford.
             The Global DTL ( ) provides access to over 270,000 ebooks, including many contemporary textbooks and reference resources, to schools in developing nations at prices determined by the income levels in the host nation.
I have attached our standard information sheet about the Global DTL. This fact sheet will answer most of your questions. However, you can find even more information on our web site (as explained below).
            You will find most of your questions answered on the questions tab of our website.
            You can also do searches through our standard and advanced search features. (You can perform searches to see what is available, but you will not be able to access the resources until we establish an agreement.)
          The membership requirements are also on the website.
           We also have a brief video explaining how to use the library on the website.
           Finally, we also have research aids to help faculty and students find some of the most important reference resources, commentaries and textbooks that we have licensed for our members.
             One additional note: If you join now, your annual membership fees for the rest of 2020 are discounted by 50% for this year.
           Please let me know if you would like more information.
PS We offer even cheaper volume discounts when multiple schools join as a cohort and pay through a single invoice.
3-5 schools 10% discount
6-10 schools 20% discount
11-20 schools 30% discount
over 20 schools 40% discount.


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