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Consultation on Competency-based Theological Education and Micro-credentials

Micro-credential recipients:

Following the Rome 2024 consultation, the  following individuals have been awarded the micro-credential Envisioning Competency Based  Theological Education and Micro-credentials:

  • Aaron Einfeld
  • Nditemeh Charlemagne Mbeluh
  • Tim Mwangi Kiruhi
  • Rosemary Mgobo
  • Kangwa Mabuluki
  • David Tarus
  • John Jusu
  • Dwight Singer
  • Pauline Golder
  • Richard Morris
  • Joanna Soberano
  • Graham Aylett
  • Bambang Budijanto
  • Mrs Budjanto
  • Nigel Kumar
  • Errol Joseph
  • Anthony Oliver
  • Bryan Wallace
  • Yaniel Marrero
  • Sayeed Steve Mohammed
  • Maria Cecilia Mohammed
  • Alexandre Antoine
  • Steffen Schulte
  • Connie Main Duarte
  • Aleksandr Spichak
  • Paul Branch
  • Elisabeth Branch
  • Marcio Matta
  • David Suazo
  • Jhohan Centeno
  • Grace AlZoughbi
  • Michael Arteen
  • Mark Senada
  • Mawiyah Halasa
  • Joseph Habib
  • Darryl Meekins
  • Greg Henson
  • Michael Ortiz
  • Kathy Ortiz
  • Lester Ruiz
  •  Jo Anne Deasy
  • Rick Rhoads
  • Lisa McIntyre-Hite
  • Chong Hiok Chan (CCH)
  • Liong Kwok Wai
  • Alan Weaver
  • Tricia Lambert
  • Samuel Chiang
  • Jason Tan
  • Al Bridges
  • Ramesh Robby
  • Eric Mccauley
  • Larry Caldwell
  • Ron Watters
  • Henry Tan
  • Mrs Tan
  • Dwight Poggemiller
  • Stacy Rinehart
  • Karen Jones
  • Joyson Cherian
  • Valerie Hamilton
  • Steven Loots
  • John Bernhard
  • Ramesh Richard
  • Barry Sayloor
  • Brett Laberth
  • Imad Shedadah
  • Doug Ingram
  • Daniel Magagnin
  • Will Green
  • Joanna Green

2024 Consultation

Two notable innovations are emerging in the global landscape of education.  Competency-based education is an educational philosophy that places the certification of competences at the core of the educational process. Micro-credentialing is an approach to educational certification that breaks down the traditional ‘degrees’ into smaller, stackable units. Both of these innovations have considerable potential for impact in all sectors and levels of Christian training as well as for the deployment of trainees.

In February 2024  ICETE  consulted key stakeholders and leaders from church and para-church networks, global networks, formal and non-formal providers of theological training and accreditation agencies and to come together to discuss how competency-based theological education (CBTE) and micro-credentials (MC), might contribute to the future of Christian training and to bridging the formal/non-formal gap in theological training.

The consultation was also a special opportunity to network and share in strategic thinking with top global leaders in church, para-church, educational trainers, theological schools and accreditors.