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ICETE Alignment

The ICETE Alignment  is a process to transparently validate the quality of the standards and processes of ICETE Member Associations through an external quality assurance (EQA) review in order to enhance trust, quality and harmonization and facilitate cross- border recognition of qualifications and inter-regional student mobility.

ICETE Alignment is a unique opportunity for accreditation agencies serving theological education to be able to publicly demonstrate their quality against commonly accepted standards.

Core document

The Procedures and Standards for ICETE Alignment is the core document outlining the ICETE recognition procedures and standards (note: this document is currently being revised to include optional alignment modules – this will be available by June 2024).

The first part of the document lays out criteria and procedures, including simplified procedures for accreditation agencies that have already undergone an external quality assurance review.

The second part of the document defines the ICETE core alignment standards.  These are divided into accreditation standards (that address the question of what is being required by accreditation), methods and procedures (that address the question of how quality assurance is done by the agency) and organisation and policy (that address the question of how the agency is set up and operates).

The document also contains a helpful appendix with SER templates to be used in the application process.

Training course

The ICETE offers a 10 hour training course through the ICETE Academy to all agencies intending to pursue ICETE Alignment.  This is available here ICETE Alignment.


The fees for the ICETE Alignment process are as follows:

  1. Alignment review procedure fee (one off every 10 years) – $1000 (plus expenses if a site visit is necessary)
  2. Annual alignment fee – $200 (in addition to association membership fee)


Agencies intending to pursue ICETE alignment can begin the process by applying through the ICETE Alignment Application Form. Informal enquiries may also be made to marvin.oxenham(at)icete.info.

Agencies that are not yet ICETE Member Association, must first pass the eligibility check for an ICETE Member Association Review before they are eligible for ICETE Alignment.

Optional alignment modules

In addition the core ICETE Alignment process, separate alignment processes for the quality assurance of micro-credential providers and of competency-based programmes will soon be made available. Information will be published here by June 2024.