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Building a Global network

The ICETE strengthens evangelical theological education through international cooperation whereby relationships are built between theological schools, the global church and service agencies.

Resourcing Quality assurance

The ICETE serves and coordinates network of nine regional accreditation agencies involved in the quality assurance of evangelical theological education of over 1200 theological schools across the world.

Equipping theological educators

The ICETE provides opportunities for educational training and equipping that is specifically tailored for global theological educators.

What else do we provide?


The triennial ICETE Consultations have become a regular meeting place for global theological educators.

Certified lifelong learning

The ICETE Academy offers a Fellowship scheme with certified learning opportunities for your professional portfolio.


Join the global ICETE community in a discussion forum that is specifically tailored to the needs and interests of theological educators

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About us

ICETE is a global community, sponsored by eight regional associations of theological schools, to enable international interaction and collaboration among all those concerned for the enhancement of evangelical theological education worldwide.

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What our members say

The ICETE triennials are a virtual who's who of theological education globally. 

Faculty member - South Africa

What an amazing group of partners in God's global purposes! 

Organization Leader - Malaysia

I left [the consultation] with a sense of the increasing depth and strength of evangelical theological education and that there is a passing of the baton to a new, younger generation. I am content! 

Principal - South Africa

ICETE has played an indispensable role in fostering and serving the development of evangelical theological education in the majority world. Now it is playing an even more strategic role in building mutually beneficial partnership between the global north and global south in our common task of equipping the church for theological maturity and effective mission. And in both of those goals, we in Langham Partnership count ICETE among our closest and most valued partners. 

International Ministries Director, Langham Partnership

ICETE provides a unique global platform for the facilitation of bench marking, dialogue and cooperation among continental evangelical scholars and theological institutions in order to guarantee and inspire sound, authentic and faithful witness of the Lord Jesus Christ for the redemption and restoration of our sin-infected world.

Association Leader - Africa

The ICETE is the evangelical voice of theological community giving the guidance, leading the way for excellence in theological education. With 8 theological associations covering the whole world, it the best and healthy organization.

Association Leader - Asia

Biblical and theological higher education is a burgeoning and desperately needed global enterprise. As North Americans, we are eager to contribute. But we are not eager to repeat the errors of colonization and the "West is best" mindset that has too-often characterized a good deal of well-meaning North American engagement in global theological education. Our participation in ICETE allows us to express solidarity with and contribute to all of global evangelical theological education as a partner and peer, not as a benefactor. Our association and its member institutions are immeasurably enriched by our ICETE peer member networks, triennial global consultations on theological education, collectively forged principles and best practices for theological education renewal and excellence, and in a host of other ways.

Association Leader - United States

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