The Lord allowed us to launch a theme for the week on Monday night about mutuality, leaving our logos and egos behind, serving one another, and moving from inward postures to outward postures. Participants embraced the vision to begin to write a future story for theological education: a story marked by collaborative moves from talking to doing across all sectors, with the ultimate aim to strengthen the Church.” Dr. Michael A. Ortiz, International Director of ICETE

Advancing quality and collaboration
in global theological education
to strengthen and accompany
the church in its mission

Building a Global network

The ICETE strengthens evangelical theological education through international cooperation whereby relationships are built between theological schools, the global church and service agencies.

Resourcing Quality assurance

The ICETE serves and coordinates network of nine regional accreditation agencies involved in the quality assurance of evangelical theological education of over 1200 theological schools across the world.

Equipping theological educators

The ICETE provides opportunities for educational training and equipping that is specifically tailored for global theological educators.

What else do we provide?


The triennial ICETE Consultations have become a regular meeting place for global theological educators. Register for the 2021 Hybrid Online Consultation here!

Certified lifelong learning

The ICETE Academy offers a Fellowship scheme with certified learning opportunities for your professional portfolio.


Join the global ICETE community in a discussion forum that is specifically tailored to the needs and interests of theological educators

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About us

ICETE is a global community, sponsored by eight regional associations of theological schools, to enable international interaction and collaboration among all those concerned for the enhancement of evangelical theological education worldwide.

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