Partners, associates and affiliates

Other bodies that share in ICETE’s commitment for the enhancement and renewal of evangelical theological education may participate in the ICETE family under partner, associate or affiliate similar status. Individual schools and programmes normally relate to ICETE and its services through associations and agencies in their own regions of the world, rather than directly.


ICETE Associates

Associate status is for organisations which contribute in some tangible way to global theological education resources (training, publications, etc.) but are not theological schools as such. In becoming a part of ICETE, they make their resources visible and available to the global evangelical theological education community.

ICETE Affiliates

Affiliate institutions are most generally theological schools, institutions of higher theological education who wish to be part of ICETE in order to have a global « window » on the world of TE.  They normally have other accreditation options than affiliation with ICETE regional bodies, or they may have a global ministry which does not locate them specifically in one region but several.